What Is Hypnosis?

The dictionary says: ‘a state like sleep in which the subject acts only on external suggestion’
‘Artificially induced sleep’

Although this is true in some cases I use many different techniques as different people respond to different techniques. Some approaches are done eyes open and standing up, some are done in a light trance and some in a deep trance. I favour interactive approaches that let me know if my suggestions are being accepted or resisted.

You will be acting on my suggestion but not only on my suggestion – if your nose itches, you’ll be able to scratch it.

It is sometimes a state that is induced.


  • It is my job as a hypnotist to engage your subconscious mind into helping me solve your issue.
  • Your subconscious mind is a combination of your imagination, your emotion and your life experience.
  • Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that deals with external reality.

Can You Make Me Cluck Like A Chicken?

Possibly, but why would I want to?

I Don’t Like The Idea Of Handing Over Control To Someone Else.

If you are thinking about seeing a hypnotist then presumably there’s already something in your life that feels out of control. Hypnosis can be a very effective way of giving you back control.

How long will hypnosis for change take?

As a hypnotist it is a matter of professional pride that an effective and sustainable change is achieved in the minimum number of sessions. I see most people two or three times. Some clients only require one session and some need longer term support.

Can Everyone Be Hypnotised?

Not everyone can be hypnotised but the subconscious is always present and always listening and there are a number of different ways that I use to engage it into solving your issue.

Can I get Stuck In Hypnosis?

No. If you are in hypnosis, you are responding to my suggestions which means when the hypnotist tells you to come out of it you will. If you are not responding to the hypnotist’s suggestions, you are not in hypnosis.