Fear of Flying“I used to have a great fear of flying and I honestly thought it was never possible to be able to cure it but I was desperate to give anything a try which is why I came to Alex for help. I decided to just give one session a go and was amazed by the results.

Alex made me feel very relaxed and took time to explain to me how we could tackle the fear in a way that could work specifically for me. I could sense Alex was very honest in his work and really cared about finding the right solution for me. It was also very clever how Alex was able to link my fear of heights into it.

Since that one session I have been on three flights and I am astonished how relaxed I have been because I was used to feeling so exhausted from the anxiety.

I have also been to a Tree Top Adventure which is really high in the trees and I never thought I would have the confidence to do that. My best friend was also really impressed I was able to do it.

It has seriously helped me out so much as I have family who live abroad so being able to fly is important.

Even friends and family are in disbelief as they have seen how great my fear was and now I can just relax on my flight and even read a book which was never possible before! I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone!”

ES from West Sussex

Change Your Life“Firstly I wanted to say thank you for helping me move forward in my life especially with my Art.

Following my treatment in the middle of the Steyning Psychic Fayre which I might add I did not think anything had happened apart from a recognition that it was me holding my self back for all these years. Within the next two weeks my life had totally changed…

I was running around organising everything to get my art ready to present to the public and was asked to exhibit at the new Koorana centre.

It has taken me six years to get to this point and you helped me shift within such a short space of time – it’s amazing! I am now booked at all the Art & Craft Fayres and have even been asked to exhibit at Ardingly Vintage Show.

I am in the process of setting my own website up and would like to put you as a link on there if you don’t mind? I would highly recommend you to any of my friends or people that I talk with that need some help in moving on in their lives.

You were professional and understanding of my needs and once again thank you Alex I am so pleased that I met you.”

ES from Steyning

Business“I consulted with Alex concerning my attitude to success with my business.

I had 2 sessions with him. Alex is professional, personable and highly effective.

The sessions were relaxed, focused and personalised to both me as a person and my situation.

The result of his work is proving to be both successful and lasting.

I would recommend Alex without hesitation.”

Jenna, Worthing

Binge Eating“I cannot describe the difference you have made to my life, since my visit a few weeks ago.

I have been on every diet known to mankind throughout my life so loosing 8lbs so effortlessly through the Christmas period has been incredible.

Further to my weight loss this emotional experience has had far reaching positive consequences to many other areas of my life.

An emotional blockage that caused me to binge eat and drink has been removed, leaving me feeling happier and healthier. Thankyou so much Alex.”

JP from Lancing

Stop Smoking“I was recommended to Alex via a friend in order to help me to stop smoking.

I was a bit sceptical at first but really enjoyed the relaxation he gave me, especially after a stressful day at work.

I was a smoker for over 30yrs and amazingly after only one session I have kicked the habit. I haven’t touched a cigarette for nearly 8 months now and have no desire to do so.

I can’t thank him enough for the difference it has made to my life and of course to my children’s.”

JM from Lancing Nov 2011

Nails“I would like to recommend Alex for his fantastic success with my problem. I have bitten my nails since a kid and only managed to grow them for special occasions (engagement, wedding etc). I have been to two other hypnotherapists previously and had some success short-term. Alex has been great and really helped me identify triggers in my life and dealing with these (buried and concreted over) has helped boost my self-confidence which in turn has stopped me biting my nails.

I am so proud of my nails now and I would like to thank Alex so much for his input. I found his style of working very relaxed but obviously very effective.”