About Alex

Hypnotist Training.

I qualified with Chrysalis, a well known hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy training provider, in 2010 but I was not satisfied. I had learned a good foundation of knowledge about symptoms and therapy but they taught that hypnosis is just relaxation and that symptoms could be treated by reading generic scripts. I believed there was more to hypnosis and effective treatment than that.

I therefore sought out some of the maverick hypnotists doing change work such as Jonathan Chase, Bob Burns, James Tripp and Barry Thain and I trained with them in their methods. This is where I learned to really engage the subconscious mind in resolving the problem – to treat each client as an individual rather than trying to just treat the symptoms.

I am always learning more and developing new approaches to increase the chances of finding the best solution for each new client. This process is overseen by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & Register.


Life before Hypnosis

I grew up in Worthing and left to make films in London where I ended up at the other end of the film making process and running cinemas for 12 years. I have been Venue Manager for two major Arthouse Cinemas in London – Curzon Soho and Curzon Mayfair – and I managed Health & Safety for their five sites while I was there too.

After returning to Worthing, while training in Hypnosis, I worked coaching long term unemployed people to improve their chances of getting back into work – teaching confidence, CV writing and interview techniques as well as assisting their job searches. I have also worked for the charity Victim Support helping victims of crime with the aftermath.

I am now a full time Hypnotist though I spend a lot of time writing fiction so feel free to swing by author website if you’re interested.