Alex Vrettos, Worthing Hypnotist

£90 per session

3rd session onwards (if required) £60

For issues such as smoking, addiction and weight loss it can be important to tackle issues and temptations as they crop up over time. I do offer a session by session service for these, but to secure your long term commitment to the process as well as mine I will give you the opportunity to pay £450 at the end of the first session which will secure my services for all related issues as and when they arise for a whole year, regardless of the number of sessions.

You can book an appointment by:

Calling 07771 737227

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How Many Sessions?

Most issues come from past experience and require a simpler resolution than you would imagine. If I said I could help you in four sessions, would that be of interest to you? Ideally be prepared to see me for four sessions. I will do everything that I can to resolve your issue in less than that.

Smoking, addiction and weight loss can be longer term, an ongoing processes which are likely to require adjustments along the way as progress is made.

Why do I charge what I charge?

  • My costs are worked out on the basis that hypnosis does not require many sessions so there is no slow build up of costs and significant changes are usually achieved each session.
  • I cannot offer a guarantee that the hypnosis will work, but I do offer a satisfaction guarantee – if you are not satisfied with any part of the service that I provide I will give you your money back.
  • Many therapists practice hypnotherapy in a very passive way – relaxing you and talking to you in monologue for most of the session and this has its place in therapy. As I work, I am constantly looking for feedback from your subconscious mind so that we make the most of the time we have – if something is not working I will often know straight away so I can change my approach. I may cover several approaches in one session which increases the chance of achieving rapid results.
  • I can often help with two or three things in one session.
  • My sessions are around one hour and forty-five minutes long to give us the best chance of success in the minimum number of sessions.
  • Transparency is important to me. When it comes to making changes in the mind, there are unfortunately no guarantees as everyone’s mind is different. With each client I will try everything that I can to make those changes happen, but I will not string you along for weeks if I can see no sign of response to my techniques.

Alex practices from:

Worthing Natural Balance & Wellbeing

70 Salvington Road


West Sussex

BN13 2HN

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