As a hypnotist in Worthing I get asked a lot of questions such as ‘how can I be less anxious?‘ Our emotions are useful, they are honed over millions of years of evolution, but our emotions are supposed to guide us, anxiety is meant as a warning, but not to rule us. We need to be able to make decisions and take risks, we need to be able to weigh our options and behave in a way fitting to the situation and our needs and desires. We do not want to be automatons to the triggers in life that make us feel a certain way. We do not want to to be slaves to the way we feel. We have to react differently at different points on our life or we do not grow as individuals.

Emotions come about as a result of subconscious patterns. We learn that some things are good and some things are bad and a strong unpleasant emotion such as anxiety or fear is the quickest, most efficient way to condition ourselves to stay away from what we perceive as bad. Our emotions can condition us.

We cannot feel those feelings of anxiety without accompanying thoughts and imaginings of the worst things that can happen. Those thoughts are stored in our subconscious and unleashed in times when hazards are perceived and the anxiety is close on its heals which can often stop us taking risks and therefore prevent us growing as human beings or forcing us to retreat from our full potential.

Whether your question is about anxiety or ‘how can I be less angry?’ ‘How can I be less boring?’ ‘How can I be less lazy?’ ‘How can I be less stressed?’ The answer is the same. The answer is hypnosis. A process by which a hypnotist such as myself talks directly to the subconscious and changes that pattern quickly and efficiently in order to change your life.

About Alex

Alex Vrettos is The Worthing Hypnotist using direct hypnosis, metaphor, parts therapy, subconscious negotiation to change any unwanted feelings and behaviours specialising in treatment of anxiety and fear related issues. He has an informal style that is solution focused and usually gets results within the first session or two.