Happiness is secondary importance

Social Anxiety, you may read, is down to low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being judged etc and there are plenty of long and complicated ways to identify exactly which of these is the cause in order to treat them. I put to you though that there is no such thing as Social Anxiety, no such thing as self-esteem or self-confidence, no such thing as fear, success or failure – these are all metaphors, conscious interpretations of complex subconscious patterns, and the patterns that you run are unique to you.

Social Anxiety can cripple your chances to progress in life, but you are not an anxious person, you are just running subconscious patterns that make you feel anxious in social situations. Changing those patterns will change your life and does not have to be a long complicated process. Rather than focus too much on working out exactly what is going on, I will focus your mind on how you perceive that experience through metaphor and then change the metaphor. When we change the metaphor, we change the pattern. Bare in mind after all, your subconscious’ prime objective is to protect you and that is what this pattern is designed to do – keep you safe – but there are better ways to do this.

Hypnosis is a fast and effective way to deal with subconscious patterns. In hypnosis I talk directly with the part of your mind that runs these patterns and I get that part of your mind to do something different to achieve different results. Hypnotherapy with me is not all about fluffy tranquility and positive thinking which is how it is usually marketed. Many hypnotherapists will use generic scripts to treat preconceived ideas about the metaphor of Social Anxiety. I do not use scripts. A session with me will be unique to you and your experience – I have had people stuck in a volcano or freeing a bird from a phone box. A session with me is a two way process so I can check what I am doing is effective. I guide you to do what you need to do find the pattern and change it. Each session is unique to you. If you don’t want to float down a river on a large lily pad, I won’t ask you to. Come and see me, Alex Vrettos, in West Sussex and I will change your life.

About Alex

Alex Vrettos is The Worthing Hypnotist using direct hypnosis, metaphor, parts therapy, subconscious negotiation to change any unwanted feelings and behaviours specialising in treatment of anxiety and fear related issues. He has an informal style that is solution focused and usually gets results within the first session or two.