Fat man looking at skinny man in the mirrorThe person that you are the is the sum of all your thoughts, beliefs, memories, expectations, dreams, fears and behaviours. All of these things pass through your mind in a unique pattern that makes you you. If you rearrange this pattern and get rid of some thoughts and beliefs and learn different ones, then you become someone slightly different. Hypnosis can help you be who you want to be.

If there is something that you want in this life and you can’t seem to achieve it then the person that you are may not be quite the person you need to be in order to achieve it. You may have an experience in the past which has formed a belief that is holding you back, you may experience fear which prevents you from doing what needs to be done, you may just not have enough self confidence due to things that were said to you when you were younger or just because you have never done anything like this before. Whatever the reason that you cannot do what needs to be done that reason is part of you so you need to become someone slightly different in order to achieve it.

If you can be hypnotised, hypnosis can rearrange the pattern that is you to make you a slightly different person, a person better equipped to achieve what you wish to achieve. Hypnosis can also makes past life regression possible where you can explore previous lives as different people and find out what you learned and how that has contributed to who you are now.

If you have ever asked yourself ‘How can I be who I want to be’ then you are probably asking ‘how can I be happy?’ You can be who you want to be, you can be happy by seeing a hypnotist. It does not need to be a long complicated process to make the changes you need. I work in Worthing in Sussex and would be happy to talk things through with you.

About Alex

Alex Vrettos is The Worthing Hypnotist using direct hypnosis, metaphor, parts therapy, subconscious negotiation to change any unwanted feelings and behaviours specialising in treatment of anxiety and fear related issues. He has an informal style that is solution focused and usually gets results within the first session or two.