Your Comfort Zone In Metaphor

Examples in fiction

Every story that we come across is a metaphor for personal change. Our whole history as a human race is full of stories that give us clues as to how our minds work. Every story you read or watch is about how you can change your life. The characters all represent different parts of your character and their adventures are metaphors for when your life demands change. To point out some examples:

  • In Lord Of The Rings, Frodo was in the shire – very happy and content living a good life, but as soon as it became necessary for him to leave [The Village] he was almost immediately hunted by Ring Wraiths which were the first of many many dangers.
  • In Harry Potter, Harry lived with the Dursleys contained in the Muggle world. He wasn’t really happy there but did not know any different and when the Owls came a calling with an invitation from Hogwarts and his destiny, Mr Dursley made every effort to stop him from leaving.
  • In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker lived a quiet life, frustrated on his Uncle’s farm fixing machinery and working towards the harvest. If he took the smallest step from this life he was attacked by sand people which were the first of many to hunt and hurt him.
  • In The matrix, Neo lived in The Matrix, but knew there was something else and was always looking for it. As soon as he awakes in the ‘real world’ a machine comes for him and flushes him as waste jeopardising his survival had he not had friends looking out for him. Sentinel machines and agents then hamper his every effort to pass between the two worlds.

Change the metaphor, change the pattern

All of these characters and every other character in every other story answers a call to adventure which changes their life, but not before facing major adversity.

If you’ve come to this page, you must be hearing that call to adventure yourself right now. Unlike them you are not going to face beasts, machines or sand people as these stories are metaphors. These enemies in stories are metaphors for the subconscious constructs that you experience as feelings and thoughts. These feelings and thoughts cannot harm you but they can stop you if you are not ready – they are just there to chase you back to The Village, where all is safe and secure. You just need to ask yourself ‘Is The Village enough?’ If it is, great, you’ve no reason to leave.

But if it is not and you are having trouble leaving on your own, I can probably help. In hypnosis, I deal directly with your subconscious mind and once I am in there, I can change the metaphor which will convert the subconscious pattern that is keeping you contained to one that can set you free which means you will be ready to face the threshold guardians and pass them, leave The Village to find a new village with more of what you want.

Notice that you recognise this pattern in every film that you watch and in every book that you read from now on and in knowing exactly what these stories are about, the metaphor will grow stronger so that you will feel your own subconscious patterns changing already when you are standing at your own thresholds during your day to day living.