Change Means To Let Go Of Parts Of The SelfChange is not something that comes easily, change involves the death of some parts of yourself and the birth of others. If you are looking to change your life in some way then there are aspects of it that you will need to let go of, say goodbye to, even if you like those aspects being part of your life they may be holding you back from being who you want to be.

You are the product of everything that you do and the way that you do it right now. The only way to change your life is to change yourself. In order to take on a new behaviour or belief, you will need to let go of an existing one but the one you’re letting go of may be a very important to you – it got you to where you are today after all!

The art of how to be more confident is to let go of your fears and anxieties, your doubts, but these fears and doubts keep you safe from embarrassment or failure. They do not make you feel good but they keep you safe, so how do you let them go?

Sometimes life takes away what you have – bad luck in business or the end of a relationship – and that change is forced upon you as you can no longer be who you were as that person just lost you everything. Most of the time however, especially when pursuing success, you must shed behaviours and beliefs as you climb as you adapt to new circumstances. This can be done consciously but to do it this way will be exhausting and slow. The only other ways to do it quickly are: if you are powerfully emotionally motivated to succeed as this means the subconscious is as driven as your conscious mind, or there is hypnosis. What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is the process by which a hypnotist such as myself talks directly with your subconscious mind and aligns it with your conscious desire. I can tell it to let go of what it needs to let go of and then tell it what to replace it with.

All stories are metaphors for change, instructions at how we can go about it and Life of Pi is a very good example. We meet a character who has a good life and over the course of the film everything is stripped from him, everything. It is only when he accepts death, only when he turns what is happening to him into a voluntary act that his fortune starts to change.

A quote from the film: “I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.

Death in the story is a metaphor for that letting go of the old you and the rebirth of the new you. There is a moment in most stories where something happens to the main character, be it literal or symbolic, that causes them to let go of the old self and become the new self. This is necessary for your progress through life and hypnosis can make the parting of those ways easier and less dramatic.

About Alex

Alex Vrettos is The Worthing Hypnotist using direct hypnosis, metaphor, parts therapy, subconscious negotiation to change any unwanted feelings and behaviours specialising in treatment of anxiety and fear related issues. He has an informal style that is solution focused and usually gets results within the first session or two.