This is the technical bit that lays the foundation for a lot of fun with the metaphor for your mind.

Carl Jung believed that we are born whole, capable of anything and everything, but life, as it unfolds, allows certain capabilities to develop more than others which fragments your self into parts. The most developed part is your Ego, but your Ego is still only a part of your whole Self and your whole Self is still capable of anything and everything as the lesser developed capabilities did not go anywhere – they just exist deep within your subconscious.

Looking at this in terms of stories: Carl Jung believed that every character in a dream is representative of a different part of your Self. To quote Joseph Campbell: “Dreams are private myths, and myths are public dreams.” So, following that logic – every character in a story is a metaphor for a different part of your Self.

Have you noticed how each of the characters explores the story from a different perspective – amongst them, they help and hinder the hero’s progress. Can you allow yourself now to be aware of the constant debate and struggle between your different parts during the course of your day. How many times have you heard or said the phrase “Part of me thinks I should do *** but the other part of me isn’t so sure.”

This struggle for dominance does not tend to happen so much when you are at leisure or relaxing but happens more so when you are challenging your Self – when your Ego is on an adventure, it takes some parts along with it and is hampered by other parts, some of whom you are consciously aware of and many of whom you are not. In Lord of The Rings, Frodo reacts to a perceived threat to the tranquility of his world and he leaves on a quest with The Fellowship, all of whom have a different idea of what they want to do but all of whom stay true to Frodo’s intent.

The parts that you are aware of are the hero’s friends and allies and the parts that you are not aware of, parts that your Ego has pushed down into your subconscious, are the legions of The Shadow and the two sides battle for control of your inner world and control of the whole Self.

In order to change your life or an aspect of it, the dynamics of the battle must shift – your ego must lose some friends and allies and form alliances with some of The Shadow’s legions. You must change your dominant parts for more suitable ones, rescued from The Shadow and brought into the conscious realm.

This is a change that can only happen subconsciously and Hypnosis is the most effective way to do this.

About Alex

Alex Vrettos is The Worthing Hypnotist using direct hypnosis, metaphor, parts therapy, subconscious negotiation to change any unwanted feelings and behaviours specialising in treatment of anxiety and fear related issues. He has an informal style that is solution focused and usually gets results within the first session or two.